Efe Alibo

Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®


Efe became a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor in 2011. Over the years she has trained with several gyrotonic master trainers including the creator and founder of Gyrotonic, Juliu Hovarth.

Efe's aim is to guide her clients to achieve greater physicality in their daily lives through a deeper understanding of the unique mechanics of their body. Driven by this, Efe has taken courses in human anatomy to deepen her understanding of the body and in injury prevention and corrective exercises pattern.

Efe is a graduate of the New School University and has studied at the Alvin Ailey School independent certification program. As a dancer, She has been fortunate to perform nationally and internationally with different dance companies in the New York State area and continues to work as a performing artist. 


GYROTONIC® level 1 pretrainer 
GYROTONIC® Level 1 and 2
GYROKINESIS® Level 1 and level 2 beginner 
Jumping Stretch Board
Leg Extension Unit
GYROTONIC® musical journey
GYROKINESIS® breathing course
Applications for dancers level 1 and 2
Application for high end athletes
Application to psoas principles
Application to Faisal body
FAMI - functional anatomy for movement & injuries
Nasm Certified Personal Trainer
Core Pilates Anatomy fundamentals



Lagos, Nigeria

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