Soo Kyoung Jung

Gyrotonic®, Shiatsu

As a former professional dancer, Soo K Jung has some experience with injury and recovery which led her to the principles of the GYROTONIC® system.  Soo now has a passion for teaching those who have sustained injuries how to stretch and strengthen the correct way, in order to heal their bodies.  Her clientele ranges from dancers to athletes and non-athletes alike. 

Born in Seoul, Korea, Soo earned a BA in Modern Dance from Ewha Women's University in Seoul and has performed with numerous dance companies including Doug Elkins, Darrah Carr and Eun Me Ahn Dance Company in New York, Jacob's Pillow Dance in Massachusetts, as well as, Universal Ballet Company and Tam Dance Company in Seoul.  She later earned her MFA in Dance from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.  While earning her MFA, Soo sustained some dance injuries, and thus began her inspired journey into founder Juliu Horvath's GYROTONIC® system, becoming certified in 2000.  In 2002, Soo began training with Pino Carbon, founder of the BodyCode System®.  Pino helped Soo discover the root of her incorrect movement patterns, which propelled her to also become certified in the BodyCode System®.  All of these experiences also led Soo to take an interest and become certified in massage, to get an even better understanding of the body.  She incorporates principles from medical massage, reflexology massage, Shiatsu and oriental acupressure in her work. She believes that the right massage techniques, which focus on alignment and releasing tension, are a great compliment to the GYROTONIC® and BodyCode System® workouts. 

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