Juergen Bamberger

Master Teacher

Juergen Bamberger, authorized GYROTONIC® Master Trainer, is an internationally recognized educator and pioneer in the GYROTONIC® field. Since 1991, he has trained countless GYROTONIC® instructors around the world. He holds a BFA in Dance/Dance Education and his teaching experience encompasses more than 20 years. It is infused with his background in dance as well as the many schools of bodywork and movement techniques that he has studied and practiced. Juergen was on staff at the original White Cloud Studio in NYC. He was one of the first Master Trainers to be appointed by Juliu Horvath. From 1993-1998, he worked intensively within medical clinics in Germany and NYC, applying GYROTONIC® as Physical Therapy. Juergen is based in New York City and conducts teacher trainings in all aspects of GYROTONIC® internationally.


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