Felice Amera

Gyrotonic®, Reflexology

Felice has studied and performed a variety of classical and social dance forms over the years, among them classical ballet, the Graham technique and lindy hop.  A graduate of LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts as a ballet major, Felice went on to pursue a B.S. in Physical Education and Sports Studies from Rutgers University, and became a NYS licensed massage therapist and certified foot reflexologist.  Completing her GYROTONIC® instructor certification in 2009, she is also certified on the Jumping-Stretching Board and the Gyrotoner.  Continually inspired by the intelligence and richness of this amazing modality, Felice very much enjoys guiding each client to a new awareness of their body, and watches as she or he starts to recognize and deepen the connections necessary to carry out healthy movement in a wide range of activities.


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