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Migun Thermal Massage Systems integrates traditional Eastern medical wisdom with the technological advancements of Western medicine to provide you with a massage like no other. You do not need to undress; simply lie back and relax. Let the Migun Thermal Massage System work for you, providing you with the best massage treatment, utilizing the principles of acupressure, acupuncture, moxibustion, far infrared rays, jade stones and chiropractic.

Migun uses heat to stimulate blood flow and tissue response. It also encourages overall muscle relaxation, relieves pain, and releases pollutants trapped in the musculature. It's more than a massage; it's a new approach to a healthier lifestyle.

There are 6 programs available:
Program 1: Full length massage and acupressure treatment specifically to the back, waist and legs
Program 2: Upper back and legs
Program 3: Lower back and legs
Program 4: Acupressure treatment - Rollers stop for one minute at various acupressure points providing pressure and heat
Program 5: Full length massage without acupressure treatment
Program 6: Abdomen area and legs

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage refers to a collection of techniques designed primarily to relax muscles. Swedish Massage is also used to increase circulation, remove metabolic waste products, help the recipient obtain a feeling of connectedness, and a better awareness of their body. Swedish Massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissue of lactic and uric acids and other metabolic wastes. It improves circulation without increasing heart load. It stretches the ligaments and tendons by keeping them supple.

Swedish Massage stimulates the skin and nervous system while relaxing the nerves. As it can help reduce emotional and physical stress, it is often recommended as part of a regular program for stress management.

(FYI: Swedish is a proper name. It is not a reference to the country Sweden.)

Staff practitioner: Ben Brown

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and treating the body through the CranioSacral system. The CranioSacral system is made up of membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

A licensed healthcare practitioner performs therapy on the fully clothed body. The practitioner uses a soft touch to release restrictions in the CranioSacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

CranioSacral Therapy complements the body's natural healing process, whether compromised through illness, injury, or dysfunction. It is increasingly used as a preventative health measure as well as for its ability to bolster resistance to disease. CranioSacral therapy is effective for a wide range of medical problems including:

* Chronic neck and back pain
* Stress and tension-related problems
* Fibromyalgia and other connective-tissue disorders
* Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
* Post-surgical dysfunctions

Staff practitioner: Kathleen McGovern

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy. It can help in a wide range of conditions -- from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and regular Shiatsu sessions help to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives.

Shiatsu can improve many conditions, including: back pain, headaches, migraines, whiplash, neck stiffness, joint pain and reduced mobility, menstrual and digestive problems, asthmatic symptoms, sports injuries and depression.

Staff practitioner: Ben Brown, Masami Saito

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure applied across the grain of the muscles. It uses a combination of massage techniques that get deeper into the tissue structure of muscle and fascia. Techniques employing breath and movement are also used for releasing muscular congestion.

Staff practitioner: Ben Brown

Structural Integration (Rolfing)

Structural Integration is a series of 10 bodywork sessions designed to free your connective tissue. As your connective tissue loosens its habitual pulls on your musculoskeletal system, your body can shift into a more balanced and supportive relationship with gravity.  You will learn new ways of coordinating your body in order to generate even more ease, support, and relief from chronic tension. 

Staff practitioner: Megan Frummer, Tim O'Donnell


Reiki Massage is believed to have begun in Tibet thousands of years ago. It was introduced to the Western world around the 1970’s. Reiki Massage practitioners channel energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize. Unlike other healing therapies based on the premise of a human energy field, Reiki Massage seeks to restore order to the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced.

The effects of Reiki Massage are various. Reiki Massage energy has several basic effects: it brings about deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system, provides new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increases the vibrational frequency of the body.

Staff practitioner: Masami Saito

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